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Fresh Baked Sourdough Breads

Fresh Baked Bread

Hearty German Breads**

**Available hot from the over approximately 11:00 am (Saturday 9:30 am) but remember, the breads, especially rye,
develop their full flavor after an 8 - 18 hour rest. Saturdays we have the largest selection.

We have a very extensive bread list - some examples: Bauernbrot, Landbrot, Dark Rye, Corn Rye (with Caraway),
Multigrain, Sunflower Seed, Hazelnut raisin rye, Black Russian and more.

Sizes range from 1 1/2 - 2 lbs

Bauernbrot Dark    - A rye/wheat mix in a light brown round loaf


Landbrot    - A rustic wheat sourdough in loaf form


Dark Rye    - With or without caraway - A very dense rye bread, brown


Sunflower    - Wheat sourdough with lots of sunflower seeds


Vielkornbrot (multigrain)   - Whole wheat sourdough with various seeds
Leinsamen Brot    - A wheat/rye sourdough - very popular in Germany, with ground & whole flax seed
Corn Rye    - Oval rye with corn meal & lots of caraway  (W.D.'s Chicago Bread)

Black Russian (authentic)    - Thanks to Christian for the Russian book and to Irina for the translation

Hazelnut Raisin Rye    - Simply delicious - a surprise


Other Breads

Some other (non-Sourdough) breads we make include: white, honey whole wheat, oatmeal, German raisin,
Cranberry, French country, Italian, Ciabetta and more (1 lb loaves).

Chia Bread

1 lb 4 oz loaf

  50/50 whole wheat/whole rye, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. *


Omefa-3 Vollkorn

1 lb 6 oz loaf

  100% organic whole rye with hemp seeds, flax seeds and pine nuts. *


  * Both of these loaves have no white flour and are quite dense.

Super Size Party Bread

  7 1/2 lb. (2 ft. long x 10" diameter) German white, crusty outside, fluffy inside - great with barbeque, chili, soups, etc. (Orders only)



  A basket of fresh, crusty rolls.

Brötchen (Crusty Rolls)

Crusty Rolls

  White, Sesame, Poppy, Caraway, Oatmeal, Whole Wheat, Onion, Whole Wheat Raisin    


  large salted caraway rolls (order only)    
Kümmelstangen - caraway sticks

  A German specialty delicious with butter and Swiss cheese!    
Semi-Sweet Dinner Rolls - Regular  

  softer, topped plain or topped with almond or poppy seed, glazed optional    
Raisin Bread Sticks


For current pricing please call (603)464-5079.

For a complete brochure and list of products, please give us a call (603-464-5079) and we will send it out.


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