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Hearty German Sourdough Breads, Original Soft Pretzels, Crusty Rolls, Pastries & Other Specialties

Germany is famous for its sausage and its beer and for tasty robust BREADS - in fact a German visiting the United States will inevitably complain that the American version of this product leaves them with a frustrating "nothing to bite" feeling. The heavier, denser German breads are appreciated for their own taste and are usually consumed in single slices (as opposed to sandwiches) with the not heavily piled-on other ingredients complimenting the bread. For example fresh cream (unsalted!) butter and topped with a slice of Swiss cheese or some Bierwurst...and in many cases eaten with a knife and fork.

German John's uses our own homemade sourdough cultures, all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Most of the breads will keep for a week (in a good breadbox or even better in a stoneware crock) without getting moldy or too hard. We hope you will try the different kinds and we'll be happy to help you decide what goes with what. Once a year we have a "Tasting Day" at the bakery where you can sample many of our offerings. Watch this web site for the announcement of this years' "Tasting Day".


Original German Soft Pretzels

Original Soft Pretzels

The origin of the pretzel is unknown. One saying goes that a baker of Urach (in southwest Germany), having committed some misdeed punishable by death, was made an offer by the Count; "Bake me a cake through which the sun can shine three times and your life will be spared." The baker thus invented the pretzel and his life was saved.

German John's makes original south-German pretzels also in other shapes ~ not being in the life-threatening situation of that Uracher baker.

  Each Dozen
Regular Pretzels $2.00 $22.00
Sandwich Pretzels $2.00 $22.00
Laugenweck $2.00 $22.00
Snakes, Lizards (usually for kids) *Advance orders only Varies  

For a complete brochure and list of products, please give us a call (603-464-5079) and we will send it out.

We Proudly Bake All Products From Scratch On The Premises


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